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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Carl Dix of Refuse Fascism on the Resistance to Trump

Carl grew up in the ghettos of Baltimore. He has spent his life building the revolutionary movement deep within the ghettos and barrios. He knows the conditions and hopes of the people first hand.
Wherever he goes, Carl Dix puts forward the interests and aspirations of the world's oppressed and proletarian people. He believes that only all-the-way communist revolution can end the oppression suffered by billions of people across this planet.
Carl is a founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA. He has written a widely circulated critique of Black capitalism.

Alan J Singer on the Slave Trade in New York City

Few people may know that New York City is a gigantic civil war monument to both the union and confederacy. NYC has a deep history as America's premier port and economic center. It was the capitol of the US when Washington was president, the Erie Canal connected the midwest grain belt with the world, its civil war mayor wanted to secede and NYC was the target of a rebel plot to burn the metropolis to the the ground. A former High School Social Science teacher Alan Singer discusses the continuing slave trade in NYC on the eve of civil war and the conspiracies of business and finance to profit from the sale of human beings kidnapped from the coast of Africa by pirate slavers. Now NYC fit into the slave trade and the response of education authorities to demands for a telling of the story to young people in the school system.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Andrew Blatcher ANTIFA Activist Witness to Charlottesville Fascist Rally

Andrew Blatcher ANTIFA Activist was a witness to the tiki torch march by fascists in Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer in a terrorist attack. Also Carl Dix of

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Joshua Green on Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump

Joshua Green is an American journalist who writes primarily on United States politics. He is currently the senior national correspondent at Bloomberg Businessweek. He is author of Devil's Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"I Can't Breathe," Anniversary of Eric Garner Homicide By NYPD

Activist musician Ty Black aka Queen Blizzy and Jewel Miller mother of Legacy the child of Eric Garner who was killed by PO Daniel Pantaleo in a choke hold in 2014.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stephen Taylor: the Genocide of Yazidi People by ISIS and US WAR Machine

Three years ago on August 3, 2014, a frightened escape by 200,000 Yazidi people from an onslaught by ISIS troops led to a desolate mountain named Sinjar. Kurdish forces heled most escape, although 50,000 were taken by ISIS, many heading to sexual slavery and death. We are joined from Irbil, Iraq by reporter Stephen Taylor, an international journalist who lives in Iraq and has reported from many places in the region. He joins us on WBAI.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chris Flash Publisher of The Shadow underground newspaper

Lower East Side based producer and publisher Chris Flash introduces issue number 60 of The Shadow newspaper. From its cover Dump Trump to stories on the neighborhood struggle against gentrification spearheaded by Jared Kushner to voter fraud and the Trump election stealing machine. The Shadow has it all.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bristol Bay in Alaska Threatened by Trump White House

The headwaters of the great salmon runs of southwestern Alaska are under threat from the foreign owned Pebble Mine which will destroy huge pristine areas with a massive gold mining operation. In return for $300 billion in profits the mine's stakeholders will destroy the salmon fisheries and the jobs and culture of thousands of indigenous people as well as the local commercial fishing industry. The project is opposed by the people of Alaska but supported by the Alaska state government. The EPA had been suing the mine to block the permit process, but Trump's EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, a well known pro-industry hack who wants to destroy the EPA, has settled the case allowing the permit process to begin. Hear the story on Trump Watch with Paul DeRienzo.

Since joining NRDC, Taryn Kiekow Heimer has played significant roles in two of the organization’s major campaigns: stopping the development of the environmentally disastrous Pebble Mine project proposed in Alaska’s Bristol Bay and putting an end to commercial whaling. She also leads our work to protect beluga whales in Cook Inlet, Alaska. More info

Friday, July 21, 2017

Michael D'Antonio The Truth About Trump II

Who is Donald J. Trump? Pulitzer prize winning author Michael D'Antonio balanced look at Trump and his ties to organized crime, his temperament unsuited for the White House and his boundless greed. Thin skinned, petulant and vindictive, what does Trump mean for America an the world?

NYS Assemblyman Richard Gottfried on Trumpcare, single-payer and medical marijuana

New York State Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried discusses how Trumpcare and the potential ending of Medicare for older Americans and the effect on NY. He discusses his own single-payer health care bill for NY. Gottfried also discusses his attempts to broaden the medical marijuana bill in NY.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eva from Refuse Fascism

Our single unifying mission must be to Drive Out the Trump / Pence Regime. FASCISM is not just horrific policies, it's a qualitative change in how society is governed.

Michael D'Antonio; The Truth About Trump

What does he really stand for?
How far will he go in his pursuit of power?

This is

He is one of the world’s most successful businessmen―and a man who many Americans love to hate. So how did Donald Trump become a serious contender in the race for the country’s highest office? His critics think his run for president is a marketing campaign for the Trump brand. His supporters believe that he can make America great again. The only thing both sides can agree on is that Trump is a man whose appetite for wealth, attention, power, and conquest is insatiable. In this up-close-and-personal biography, author Michael D’Antonio draws upon extensive and exclusive interviews with Trump himself to present the full story behind this American icon―from his early life to the headlines of today.
“Carefully reported and fair-minded.”―USA Today
“A brisk and entertaining read.” ―The Washington Post

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Trump and Hanford's Nuclear Waste Challenge Part II 7/06/17

Nuclear waste disaster at Hanford with Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge. It's a mind boggling story of radioactive beams endangering aircraft, threats to the drinking water of multiple cities, and a government asleep at the switch while corporations get rich. Part 2

Monday, July 3, 2017

Trump and Hanford's Nuclear Waste Challenge with Tom Carpenter 6/29/17 Part I

Fascinating interview about the nuclear waste disaster at Hanford with Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge. Mind boggling story of radioactive beams endangering aircraft, threats to the drinking water of multiple cities and a government asleep at the switch while corporations get rich. Part I

Will Trump Nuke the World?

Don Hancock of the Southwest Research and Information Center  a multi-cultural organization working to promote the health of people and communities, protect natural resources, ensure citizen participation, and secure environmental and social justice now and for future generations

Provides technical assistance to community groups and information to the public and policymakers regarding nuclear weapons production facilities, including Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico, and nuclear waste facilities, especially WIPP in New Mexico and sites that ship to WIPP. The program ensures effective citizen involvement in decisions about the future of the nuclear weapons complex relative to stopping approval of new production facilities and promoting disarmament and safer waste management and disposal at Department of Energy (DOE) sites and proposed new sites.

Dan Kovalik The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Putin

As the James Comey hears unfold we look at the story behind the story of Trump and Russia

The Plot to Scapegoat Russia examines the recent proliferation of stories, usually sourced from American state actors, blaming and manipulating the threat of Russia, and the long history of which this episode is but the latest chapter. It will show readers two key things: (1) the ways in which the United States has needlessly provoked Russia, especially after the collapse of the USSR, thereby squandering hopes for peace and cooperation; and (2) how Americans have lost out from this missed opportunity, and from decades of conflicts based upon false premises. These revelations, amongst other, make The Plot to Scapegoat Russia one of the timeliest reads of 2017

Donald Trump's Dubious Friends with Investigator James Henry

In this episode, we discuss the documentary produced by the Dutch program Zembla;  The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump, and examine Trump's ties to Russia. Joining us in this discussion is economist, lawyer, and investigative journalist James Henry.

Although still in its early days, Donald Trump’s presidency is coming under fire. The Russians are alleged to be in possession of sensitive information about Trump. And that exposes Trump to blackmail. Fake news, tweets Trump: “I have nothing to do with Russia – no deals, no loans, no nothing!” Trump swears he has no ties with the Russians. But is that actually the case?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Trump Watch with Paul DeRienzo Podcast

Keeping an Eye on the Trump Debacle; how does a New York City landlord with bad hair and fascist tendencies lead millions into new national nightmare? Is Donald J. Trump proof that it can happen here? Every week Paul DeRienzo will be answering that question and more.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Inside Afghanistan; Ben Anderson Senior Producer and Correspondent, VICE on HBO 

Author, No Worse Enemy: The Inside Story of the Chaotic Struggle. The Taliban now control more territory than they have at any point since they were overthrown in 2001. Yet the war in Afghanistan barely gets mentioned today, even as civilian and security deaths continue to rise. VICE correspondent Ben Anderson returns to the conflict he's covered for 10 years, reuniting with several Afghans — an Army Major, a Policeman who dismantles IEDs and a family who were forced to fight to defend their home 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fascinating interview with climate and food justice activist Nancy Romer on my WBAI show Trump Watch

She serves on the New York Steering Committee of the April 29th DC March for Climate, Jobs and Justice and is an active member of the Environmental Justice Committee of her union, the Professional Staff Congress of CUNY, an AFT local . She was professor of psychology at Brooklyn College for 42 years and was active in anti-racist, feminist, union and anti-war organizing at CUNY. She was a founder of the Brooklyn Food Coalition and has travelled extensively and written about peasant and agricultural movements, in South America, Central America, the Indian subcontinent and the US. She learned first hand how the present food system has contributed mightlly to climate change and how feeding the world's people will become more difficult as climate change moves rapidly forward. She is one of the organizers of the Food and Farm Justice hub of the April 29th March for Climate, Jobs and Justice.

Friday, April 14, 2017

David Thompson is lead attorney for the law firm of Stecklow & Thompson 

Law firm obtained documents from the NYPD showing surveillance of Black Lives Matter organizers. Undercover officers blended into small groups of protesters and had access to detailed information about protest plans. Thompson says that the NYPD may have been in violation of guidelines restricting surveillance of First Amendment activity.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Torch with Mike Roselle and Chris Hedges

Mike Roselle is an environmental activist and one of the co-founders of the radical environmental organization Earth First!, as well as of Rainforest Action Network, the Ruckus Society, and Climate Ground Zero. Chris Hedges an American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, professor at Princeton University, author of several New York Times best-sellers, and Presbyterian minister.

Friday, April 7, 2017


Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson a Ph.D. marine biologist, policy expert, and independentconsultant. Dr. Johnson will be discussing the Earth Day March for Science on April 22. Science, scientists, and evidence-based policymaking are under attack. Budget cuts, censorship of researchers, disappearing datasets, and threats to dismantle government agencies harm us all, putting our health, food, air, water, climate, and jobs at risk.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Torch Archives on the Progressive Radio Network

A weekly program dedicated to investigating the stories that lay outside the mainstream and shining a bright light on the darkest crevices of the national security state with Paul DeRienzo. Listen 1 PM Sunday on The Progressive Radio Network

Friday, March 17, 2017

Episode one March 16, 2017 Robert Paxton and Sunsara Taylor

Sunsara  Taylor
She is an organizer with Refuse Fascism, which described its objective
as “Stop Trump/Pence Fascism”.  As a representative of the group, she
spoke at the 2017 Women’s March on Washington, protested outside Trump
Tower and tweeted video of protesters burning the United States
flag,[12] and later drew media attention after comparing Donald Trump
to Adolf Hitler during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. In an
interview with KPFK she called for Donald Trump to be “driven from
Robert O. Paxton
Distinguished historian at Columbia University and author of “The Anatomy of
Fascism.”What is fascism? By focusing on the concrete: what the fascists did,
rather than what they said. rom the first violent uniformed bands beating up “enemies of the state,” through Mussolini’s rise to power, to Germany’s fascist radicalization in World War II, Paxton shows clearly why fascists came to power in some countries and not others, and explores whether fascism could exist outside the early-twentieth-century European setting in which it emerged.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

America's Secret Court

June, 1999

America's Secret Court


(President Trump says President Obama had him wiretapped using a FISA warrant. Here's some background from an article I wrote about the secret court that makes the decision to approve a FISA warrant.)

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court deliberates in a vault-like room in the Dept. of Justice in DC. It issues no written opinions, and since 1978 has yet to turn down even one of some 10,000 requests for wiretaps and search warrants.

Imagine a secret court made up of anonymous judges chosen by the Chief Justice of the United States and empowered to grant wiretaps, approve break-ins, bug psychiatrists' offices and people's homes-all without probable cause that a crime has been or is being committed. Its hearings are conducted in secret, without notification of the proposed targets and under a novel definition of due process that allows suspension of long-held civil rights in the name of national security... MORE